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Investing with the Holston Foundation allows churches to earn funds for ministry in a way that best fits the church’s needs.

The Holston Foundation follows socially responsible principles inspired by our faith. When you invest with the Foundation your investments advance ministry. 
We are: Trustworthy, Established, Simple and Qualified.

Average annualized return on investment
Million in Assets Under Management
Million in 2023 Distributions

The Holston Foundation offers a variety of investment options for Methodist churches and ministries while practicing sound financial planning and faithful stewardship.

Investment Fund Options

7.5% average annualized return on investment.

Account Services

It is the policy of the Holston Foundation to make a conscious effort to invest in institutions, companies, corporations, or funds whose practices are consistent with the social principles of The United Methodist Church. Investments are made by the Holston Foundation Board of Directors Investment Committee, made up of qualified investment and financial professionals, governed by an Investment Policy Statement (IPS) available upon request.

Please contact us if your church or ministry would like to learn more about our investment options and services. We are pleased to provide details, answer questions, and even visit with individuals or committees.

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 how our investment funds are doing?

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