A Legacy Impact:

The Holston Foundation endowment program continues to grow because more and more of our churches and individuals recognize the benefits of creating their own endowment funds.

Endowment for Individuals Versus Churches


You can launch your own endowment to leave a legacy. Individual endowments often include scholarships or giving to a specific ministry or mission. As the donor, you get to choose how your gift fits your passion and legacy. You can create an endowment today or choose to establish an endowment through your will or charitable trust.

Not only does your church or favorite ministry benefit from the creation of an endowment, but donors also receive tax benefits and the blessings of providing ongoing support for ministry or education.


Churches create endowments to continue providing ongoing support for the ministries and needs of the church. The Holston Foundation comes alongside local churches to create and maintain successful endowment programs. Often churches will set stewardship guidelines for targeted needs before any funds are in hand to attract designated and planned gifts from individuals in the future.

Could your church benefit from an endowment to support a specific mission, children’s ministry, scholarships, building maintenance, or more?

Why an Endowment?