Why Choose Generosity in Times of Uncertainty & Fear?

There will always be a reason for someone to be afraid of something. It could be financial market volatility, political unrest, health scares, or social complexities. Sometimes all of those combined at once. These circumstances and realities come and go, and they affect us in different ways based on age, stage of life, or perspectives. It is a very human thing to search for safety and security in the things that we believe we can control.

  • If we work hard, we can get the promotion.
  • If we save enough, we can weather any financial storm.
  • If we invest enough, we can eventually retire.
  • If we elect the right person, all our problems will be solved.

It would be great if our desires and intent always created the anticipated reality. But what about when it doesn’t?

  • What happens when we work hard but get passed over for the promotion?
  • What happens when an unfortunate and unforeseen circumstance drains our resources?
  • What happens when our investments aren’t able to provide the lifestyle in retirement we desired?
  • What happens when the person we hoped would solve our problems doesn’t?

The truth is the longer you live, the less black and white life becomes. It’s nowhere near as simple as a 10-step plan to anything. But there is one discipline that just about everyone agrees on—in and out of faith circles—and that is generosity matters.

Why Generosity?

  • Generosity keeps us from placing ourselves at the center of our universe.
  • Generosity invites us to shift our security from what we can keep to what we can give.
  • Generosity compels those who have a little and those who have a lot to share.
  • Generosity shapes our sense of community by causing us to come to grips with the persistent needs of others all around us.
  • Generosity teaches us that what we have is a gift and is to be freely, openly, and liberally shared with others.

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Have you considered new ways to be generous during this time of uncertainty? During times of uncertainty, we need to be generous now more than ever. If you would like to have a conversation about gift opportunities, planned giving, or how the Foundation can be a resource for you, contact Paul Bowman today.