Holston Foundation Awards Scholarships

The Holston Foundation announces its 2020 scholarship recipients. Because of the generosity of others over $94,500 in scholarships has been given to higher education and seminary students for the upcoming school year!

Higher Education Scholarships

Over $58,000 in scholarships were awarded to 18 higher education students from the Holston Conference!

Nate Roark, a Holston Foundation scholarship recipient, shared his reflections on his unique senior year experience on UMC.org:
When my father passed away in 7th grade, I learned that bad things will happen and sad days will come, but that it is up to us to decide how and what to do with it. I found myself at a crossroad of faith and anger. I did not know what to do so I turned to God and his church.

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Seminary Scholarships

Over $36,000 in scholarships were awarded to 10 Holston Conference seminary students who are pursuing divinity degrees. We celebrate our 2020 Seminary Scholars:

Seminary is expensive! Ask your pastor. Donors make seminary scholarships possible and make a difference in the lives of pastors. Is making a gift to seminary scholarships something you are passionate about? Will you consider establishing a seminary scholarship or including scholarship funds in your will? The gift of a scholarship is an incredible way to leave a legacy. If you are interested in leaving a legacy through scholarships, contact Paul Bowman, executive director, to have a conversation at 865-228-1796.