The Future of The UMC and the Holston Foundation

The Holston Foundation promotes generosity, educates, and demonstrates faithful stewardship, which supports churches and ministries doing the work of Christ. We will continue in this mission with all churches and individuals who are interested in staying on course with a disciplined approach to investing and building the Kingdom. Here are three things I know for sure during these times:

  • Your investments are secure with the Holston Foundation. No action taken by your local church, the Holston Conference, or the General Conference will impact any church’s ability to utilize and remain with the Foundation. Period.
  • Our mission remains. We will continue to serve as a prudent fiduciary to Methodist and historically Methodist churches and institutions as we have done since 1981, as well as offer philanthropic consultation to individuals.
  • We are focused on the future. The Foundation is working with the Board of Directors and key stakeholders to strategically impact the kingdom, which is an important topic to our leadership.

Should churches or institutions depart from The United Methodist Church for whatever reason, the Holston Foundation will continue to serve those churches or institutions as well as those who remain United Methodist. The Holston Foundation charter allows the Foundation to serve United Methodist as well as historically United Methodist churches and ministries.