The Holston Foundation is working with churches that have funds in the Holston foundation offering support and consultation as well as continuing to provide consultation to individuals who wish to leave a legacy to their local church or favorite ministry.

Please review the following information as well as the video below. Should you have additional questions please contact Paul Bowman, Holston Foundation President, at 865-690-8124 or

  • The Holston Foundation is a separate legal entity from the Holston Conference operating independently in policy, practice, and governance.

  • Churches that disaffiliate from the United Methodist Church do not have to remove their funds from the Holston Foundation.

  • No District Superintendent, Bishop, or Conference within the United Methodist Church may remove any funds or restrict any church or institution from accessing the funds.

  • Churches that leave The United Methodist Church and become a part of another Wesleyan denomination or an independent church may, at any time, invest funds with the Holston Foundation.

  • The Holston Foundation will continue working with individuals who are part of a disaffiliated church on their estate plans, continuing to suggest contingencies to endowments.

  • When available, grants will continue to fund ministries, programs, and missions of the local church, regardless of the relationship with The United Methodist Church.

  • The Holston Foundation will continue to support the local work and ministry of churches that are no longer affiliated with the Holston Conference and The United Methodist Church.