By Paul Bowman, Holston Foundation president

In our world of uncertainty and ever-changing circumstances, often it isn’t easy to count on anything. Seasons change, relationships come and go, but values stay the same. How does one plan for the future when, as Benjamin Franklin once wrote, “the only thing certain is death and taxes”?

The Holston Foundation has a solution for those concerned with change who wish to leave a lasting legacy through their estate planning.

Contingencies have always been a part of our discussions with individuals who want their legacy to be greater than just the distribution of their assets. When we discuss their “hopes, dream, and fears” of leaving money to their local church or favorite ministry, we explore the varied potential changes that could happen once they have gone on to join the Church Triumphant. We explore a few questions:

  • What if my church no longer exists?
  • What if the ministry I wish to support merges with another non-profit?

These questions and more help individuals realize that they can make decisions now, anticipating that should things change, events can trigger secondary plans in an endowment spelled out in an individually tailored endowment agreement.

The Holston Foundation continues to work with churches and individuals concerned about the denomination’s future. We currently have many donor agreements with contingencies triggered by decisions made in local churches and other organizations. We are thankful that when we have the opportunity to discuss these issues with generous people, there are options to consider.

Should you be interested in this discussion, please contact my office. Perhaps we can dream big with you one day and discuss your plans for the Kingdom? The Holston Foundation delights in working with those who want to pass on the grace and mercy they have received in their own lives, creating lasting memorials of God’s goodness.