By Paul BowmanHolston Foundation president

I am often asked by church finance committees or pastors why they should choose to work with the Holston Foundation rather than invest with a local broker who committee members may have personal funds invested in their portfolio. Other than our disciplined approach to investment through a volunteer committee of professional advisors from across the Holston Conference, there are more Kingdom-impacting reasons to do so.

The other day I was at my dentist’s office for a routine cleaning. Brittany was a dental hygiene student from Tennessee Wesleyan University, learning the ropes of working with patients. I was thrilled to meet her, knowing that the Holston Foundation played a big part in her education, thus potentially lifting her out of poverty (she is a first-generation college student in her family).

In 2019, the Holston Foundation board of directors passed a policy that guides the Foundation to make significant investments in the ministries and organizations such as Tennessee Wesleyan. When available, resources from the Holston Foundation are distributed to organizations such as Holston camping, Holston higher education, seminaries, and international missions. In this case, a $100,000 grant was given to Tennessee Wesleyan University to secure the dental hygiene program from Hiwassee College as it closed its doors. As a result, students like Brittany and the 27 students who would not have graduated with a degree in 2019 could complete their education.

We know churches have options for investing funds and assets in the commercial marketplace. For our staff at the Holston Foundation, anytime we can connect a church to an eternal investment that goes beyond returns and interest, we appreciate the opportunity to help people like Brittany who benefit from the Foundation’s resources.

If your church wishes to discuss investment options, or you want to explore how a planned gift can do so much good for the Kingdom, please reach out. We are here to serve as a partner in stewardship with you and your church.