10 Reasons Every Church Should Have a Planned Giving Program

Even during this challenging time, conversations about planned giving in churches and ministries are important. This year has given all of us the opportunity to consider what’s most important in our lives. Many have chosen to re-prioritize the ways they spend both their time and money. A planned gift is a gift that reflects a donor’s heart and values. A planned giving program gives churches and ministries an opportunity to have vital conversations with members and donors about their priorities, hopes, and legacies.



If you are not asking the members of your church for planned gifts, you can bet someone else is…

  1. Eventually that “someone else” will win their cash gifts too as planned gifts come from the heart.
  2. Hard economic times when people are “cash-starved” are the best times for planned giving.
  3. Those churches who even attempt planned giving eventually earn 25% to 100% more than those who don not.
  4. A typical planned gift is 200 to 300 times the size of the member’s annual gift.
  5. Planned gifts do not affect your church member’s annual giving. Repeat: Planned gifts do not affect your church member’s annual giving.
  6. Church members are often eager to make a planned gift but don’t know how. Or are never asked. And some are even offended that they aren’t asked by their church!
  7. Church members who make gifts through their wills typically are unknown and can surprise you.
  8. Anyone can make a planned gift.
  9. By working with the Holston Foundation’s staff, promoting planned giving in your church is easy.
  10. The Holston Foundation staff serves as a partner for churches and ministries in planned giving. Contact Paul Bowman today if you’d like to start a planned giving program at your church or discuss ways to promote planned gifts during this time at 865-690-8124.